IASH Advanced Level 1 Singing Bowls Sound Healing & Training Workshop, Goa, India, December 2-3, 2023

Learn the Art & Science of Sound Healing, in an Internationally Acclaimed, Advanced level Sound Healing  & Training Workshop being offered by ” Academy of Sound Healing ” worldwide, with tremendous success and global recognition. This Seminar will make you competent & qualified enough to apply advanced Sound healing techniques with Singing Bowls to help your family, friends with their physical & emotional distress as well as work professionally to heal & help people around you.


This workshop offers students maximum knowledge within a limited time frame & with minimum expenses.


Workshop participants will leave this workshop proficient in the use and treatment with Singing Bowls & will be able to integrate this valuable skill the very next day in their personal & professional healing work, deep yoga & meditation practice, self-healing, spiritual journey & to alter their consciousness for a greater peace & happiness in life…...View More

City: Goa

Country: India

Venue : Assagao, North Goa, Goa

December 2, 2023 SATURDAY 9am-5pm

December 3, 2023 SUNDAY 9am-5pm

Academy of Sound Healing

World’s Leading, Non- Government, SOUND Healing, Training & Research Institute, offering regular workshops/seminars in USA, Canada, Europe, Asia & India.
A non for profit Organisation, Regn. No. S/2L/19718, W.B. ACT XXVI of 1961, INDIA

Mr. Dhyan Shanto
( Professionally Trained SOUND Healer & Certified Teacher by “Academy of Sound Healing” )

A 2 Days. – Internationally Acclaimed Workshop with Scientific Presentation, Demonstration & Hands on Training.

SOUND is the best nourishment & medicine for a Healthy Body, Mind & Spirit.

Anyone can learn & apply into their day-to-day life with a very practical approach – Quick Relief from several kinds of physical, mental & psychological disorders- Boosts immunity system -, Self-confidence, Concentration, Creativity & Mental powers.

Excellent healing science to enhance mental & spiritual powers to bring balance & harmony in each facet of our life – Good health, Better relationships, Peace, Prosperity & Spirituality.

100% Guaranteed workshop being offered by “International Academy of Sound Healing” regularly in USA, Canada, Europe, Asia & India with tremendous success & global recognition.


Sound Healing Science with IASH Singing Bowls is a thousand of years old ancient healing science, rediscovered & emerging as one of the most powerful & potent healing modalities of modern times to heal our Body, Mind & Spirits.


Healing with IASH Singing bowl is a scientific & proven modality. It has been accepted with tremendous approval in Europe, USA & Orient by several advanced medical institutes with its endless possibilities to heal almost any kind of physical, mental, emotional & psychological disorder. THE ULTIMATE SCIENCE for our PHYSICAL, MENTAL & SPIRITUAL HEALTH..


An Internationally acclaimed, exclusively designed workshops for :

1. Students, Home Makers & Corporates: To bring balance & harmony in each facet of their life i.e. Good Health, Better relationships, Mind Power, Peace, Prosperity & Spirituality.

2. Advanced Yoga & Meditation Practitioners: to attain deep meditative & Spiritual Enlightenment.

3. Alternative Therapists / Energy Healers / Massage Therapists & Practitioners with Medical Background – to integrate this amazing healing science into their healing modality for greater success.


4. Working as a Sound Healing Professional – Sound healing science has been emerging as one of the most powerful & potent healing modalities of modern times. Healing with IASH Singing Bowl is a scientific & proven modality and has been accepted with tremendous approval in Europe, USA, Orient and is becoming the forerunner of Sound Therapy, worldwide, with a tremendous scope & opportunity to work as a professional sound healer with immense recognition & financial remuneration, anywhere in the world.


Register NOW in one of the most unique, life-transforming workshops, presented by

” Academy of Sound Healing”, World’s leading SOUND healing Academy !!!

Contribution Cost:

14,999 Rs. + GST 18%

Unique Promotional, Registration offer with 10% concession for Group Registration ( group of minimum 4 persons registering together), Family Couples, Senior Citizen ( 60 years & above ) & Students ( 25 years or below )


  Contact: IASH Workshop Admin ( 10 am – 7 pm ) +91-8697725235,  workshop@iash.in, IASH Customer care team  (24×7) +91-8777094456
Event Details
Event Details