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How IASH SOUND Healing & meditation helps with Joint Pains/arthritis

If you or a loved one suffers from the pain of arthritis then you know that while it is not necessarily a life-threatening illness, it can significantly lower our quality of life and leave us unable to do many of the things that we used to enjoy.

When you think of SOUND meditation what comes to mind? Like most people you probably think of stress relief, focus or the sharpening of the mind . . . but what you might not know about meditation could make all the difference in the way you live your life today.

The pain of arthritis is one of the most difficult things to deal with when you suffer from this ailment. SOUND Healing & Meditation has been proven to be a natural pain reliever.

In fact, it has been known to be so powerful that many patients say that they don’t know what they would do without it. Because pain can often give way to anxiety, SOUND meditation can provide you with long-lasting relief from this secondary symptom as well.

In addition to pain relief, SOUND meditation also helps to align a good PH balance. Anyone with an illness or underlying ailment is said to have an acidic PH level. When we meditate the natural “feel good” and “good for you” hormones/chemical in our body are increased, returning our PH balance to healthy levels, relieving arthritic inflammation and helping us to live a better, happier, more productive life.